Thursday, May 5, 2011

Detox Foot Patch~

Arini aku nk kongsi tentang pengalaman aku menggunakan 'Detox Foot Patch'...kalo ikutkn benda ni same jek macam Kinohimitsu tuh...mula2 nk pakai tu aku dh pk tentang betapa byknyer toxin dlm bdn aku nih...huu~ so, dgn semangatnyer aku beli smpai 30 keping...hee~

'Detox Foot Patch' ni adalah untuk mengurangkan sakit2 n lenguh2 sendi, membetulkan saluran darah, mengurangkan rase penat2 bdn, mengurangkan berat bdn, menguatkan immune system, membantu menghindar penyakit berbahaya yg disebabkan oleh toksin yg berlebihan dlm bdn dan macam2 lg kegunaannyer (kalo ikutkn, byk kebaikkannyer)...

Ingredients yg terdapat dlm 'Detox Foot Patch'

1) Wood Vinegar Extract
Wood vinegar is known to be able to improve our blood circulation. This improved blood circulation can lead to improvement from fatigue, headache, double vision, blood pressure, arthritis, and many other similar symptoms.

2) Bamboo vinegar Extract
Bamboo vinegar is said to have double the effect of the wood vinegar. Due to its rarity, bamboo vinegar costs almost twice as much as wood vinegar.

3) Chitosan
Source: Shell of a crab, Chitosan is the result of the biomass research; Extracted from the shell of a 'crab shrimp' and added to the Detox Pads. Chitosan products have been used now for over 30 years by water companies to trap toxins, grease, heavy ######ls, and oils. It is the second most plentiful fiber, after cellulose. Chitosan products are also used extensively by the medical profession due to their remarkable ability to promote wound healing, such as burns and skin inflammation. Extensive studies have also been carried out to determine its fat binding properties. The results found it to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol by 6% and enhance the HDL (good) cholesterol by 10%. It has also been successfully marketed as a weight loss supplement.

4) Plant power

5) Vitamin C
Source: OrangeIt has long been known that human beings do not produce ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Below is the action of Vitamin C: Increases HDL (high density lipoprotein) production. (HDL is able to help absorb fat located in plaque. In the process it changes from a disc shape to a globular form of HDL, and takes this fat to the liver to be burned.) Decreases the production of lipoprotein (a). Our liver knows that when there is plenty of ascorbate on board, there is no need for high levels of lipoprotein (a) which is, after all, a repair factor for the cracks in blood vessel walls which come up in the absence of sufficient ascorbate.) Down-regulates cholesterol and triglyceride production in the liver. Lowers blood sugar and insulin requirements. By relaxing the blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure when hypertension is present. Inhibits inappropriate intravascular clot formation (the final and sometimes deadly event in cases of heart attacks and strokes).

6) Tourmaline
Source: Tourmaline (semi precious) stoneTourmaline is a very popular gemstone and collectors mineral. It exists in all colors, and the multicolored stones are unsurpassed in splendor.Tourmaline is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. If a specimen is put under a pressure or temperature change, it will generate an electrical charge.Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word "Turamali" which was given to mixtures of unidentified gem gravels in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and liberating energy upon our entire nervous system with a clearing and stabilizing effect.Tourmaline is best known as one of the only minerals to emit far infrared heat and negative ions.

7) Cornstarch

Before and After

ni hasil 'Detox Foot Patch' yg aku pakai semlm (dahsyat!!)
So, apelagi...cubela korang try beli n pakai plak...mesti korang akan dpt rase prubahan dlm diri korang n korang akan rase segar pemakanan pun kna jaga gak...elok gak jaga kesihatan waktu muda2 nih...lebih elok...heee~ (^_~)v

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